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Aranet2 HOME


The Aranet2 HOME is an innovative logger tracking temperature and relative humidity measurements for indoor air quality applications.

Use it to:

  • Optimize indoor environments for better productivity, improved well-being, safer storage, etc.
  • Track indoor conditions to identify moisture buildups and prevent mold/bacteria blooms
  • Understand readings immediately with a high-visibility E-Ink display
  • Connect to our free Aranet Home app to follow data statistics for 90 days
  • Export relevant data for detailed analysis

Choose Aranet for:

  • Mobility: Wireless, portable, and easy to use
  • Accuracy: Laboratory-grade precision sensors
  • Simplicity: Bluetooth connectivity
  • Efficiency: Five years of battery life at five-minute intervals

The Aranet2 HOME is perfect for safeguarding sensitive environments like homes, nurseries, pet care habitats, art preservation, and much more.

The product is not available in the current region in Aranet e-store but we can still help you. Please contact to get a quote and arrange an order.


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